The ultimate (and free!) guide to faculty-led study abroad
Your guide to making short-term study abroad accessible, personalized, and a piece of cake.









What's inside:
  • Steps on how to build a short-term faculty-led study abroad program
  • Ways to integrate your curriculum into the experience
  • Faculty leader benefits & professional development
  • Tips for navigating campus policy and administration
  • Safety, security, and EF's vast global network
  • What you and your students get when you partner with EF Study Abroad
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About EF Study Abroad

We develop custom, scalable short-term study abroad programs that help our institutional partners maximize travel and skill-building opportunities for students of all backgrounds.

Our programs are informed by close collaboration with academic institutions, curated by educators, and backed by a global network and world-renowned partnerships—and our outcomes assessment and course integration tools ensure that your program always aligns to your goals.

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